Our Nifty Team


As a young girl Jennie dreamed of owning her own restaurant. Little did she know, it would have her name in the title and be known across the Lakeland! Jennie has worked in the food industry since she was 14 years old. With all this experience, she has put together a great menu to include comfort food for everyone; hers being the Hound Dog.  Jennie believes in community. This is why we offer many locally sourced products, gluten free, dairy free and vegan items. So make sure you give Jennie a wave if you see her hustling around or cooking up a storm!


Cam is Jennie’s husband and the reason behind everything being so shiny. Camile works very hard right from the crack of dawn, to keep up all the maintenance. He spent a few years in the kitchen as a teenager and then moved into the oilfield. Usually mid-day you can find Camile sipping on a bowl of soup, one of life’s simple pleasures.


Our marketing and menu design is done by Alisha and so much more she has done at the diner since it opened. Alisha spent 5 year working at the diner. She was a jack of all trades, from washing dishes to cooking, baking and giving the regular coffee boys a hard time when she served them. She has moved on to pursue her career in Nutritional therapy and personal training. You see her around every now and then helping out a new waitress or launching a new design for us. (If you don’t see the resemblance, this is Jennie’s daughter)


Tina is our prep cook and on-the-fly fill-in cook. She’s been a great addition to our team and provides 44 years of experience. She began hanging around her mom in the kitchen and since then has never left. She specializes in making perogies and amazing soups. Her favourite thing to eat off the menu is the Classic Breakfast. Fun fact Tina is Jennie’s sister-in-law!


Is our head cook and has been cooking in the service industry since he was 18 years old; although he practices quite a bit at home with his family and delivers great ideas for our weekly specials. Most people don’t know but Richard can bake! Especially one mean apple pie! His favourite item on the menu is Blooming Onion.


Is our longest-running staff member, working through the ranks of milkshake girl to dishwasher and waitress. She was a born waitress due to her great multitasking skills. Shelby is extremely hard working and reliable and if Jennie were to pay her in Pulled Pork and mashed potatoes, she still wouldn’t skip a beat. She has since graduated and moved to Edmonton to attend Nait in the respiratory field. But on her days that she comes back to Bonnyville she works in the bakery or even catches a shift on the floor.


Shyelle has graduated from dishwasher to server. She is always on the go! Being quick on her feet comes with practice from playing basketball, volleyball, badminton and track & field. After all that running around, Shyelle doesn’t mind cooling off with a milkshake


Brandon has gone from dishwasher to cook but has moved on to another company. He still comes back to grab a shift or two when Jennies needs help in the kitchen. Brandon is always, cool, calm and collected but he’ll laugh at almost any bad joke. Brandon is a cupcake fan and his favourites are the free ones. 🧁 🤣


The newest member of the team, she started in the dish pit and is now serving you with a smile. She is quiet but knows how to handle the regular coffee boys. She has recently gotten engaged to her boyfriend. Her favourite food is the spicy soup.


Rylan started off as a part-time dishwasher. He’s a quick learner and learned to help the waitresses with drinks and prep food for the kitchen. He now is full-time cook! He likes to create new dishes which he eats for lunch when working. Rylan also graduated from high school and had gone on to pursue his career – Director of Photography. He has come back to work at the diner under the current situation of 2020. He is still taking photos and filming (check out the photos on this site and TV commercials). He will continue his education next August in Vancouver at Vancouver Film School.


Kathleen is out part time baker, she has taken to help Jennie make all the cupcakes and other desserts that we offer. Recently she has gotten married and they are making Bonnyville their home. You can’t miss her bubbly smile when she putting out cupcakes.


From dishwasher to server, she is eager to learn new things. Tessa is always willing to stop and talk, she has an outgoing personality. She plans to be in the medial field, she is still figuring out courses for next fall, so you will see her around for a while. Her new found love is Jennie’s cinnamon raisin bread. Don’t be surprised to see her eating it while she is working.


​She has worked her way out of the dish pit to the floor serving. Selina has a bubbly personality that shows when she is greeting when you walk through the door. Her favourite colour is pink. She plans to make a career as a Lawyer assistant and will be attending Saskatoon business school to get her degree in 2021. ​

Wanna Join the Gang?

If you’re interested in working at Jennie’s Diner, the best way to apply is to drop by and ask for me. Jennie, of course! You can also send your information with your resume using the form on this page. See ya soon!


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