Meet Our Staff


Is the reason you’re even reading this! As a young girl Jennie dreamed of owning her own restaurant. Little did she know, it would have her name in the title and be known across the Lakeland! Jennie has worked on and off in the food industry since was 14 years old. With all this experience, she has put together a great menu to include comfort food for everyone; hers being the Hound Dog.  Jennie believes that the little people matter and that’s what makes up a community. This is why we offer many locally sourced products, gluten free, dairy free and vegan items. So make sure you give Jennie a wave if you see her hustling around or cooking up a storm!


Is Jennie’s husband and the reason behind everything being so shiny. Camile works very hard right from the crack of dawn, to keep up all the maintenance. He spent a few years in the kitchen as a teenager and then moved into the oilfield. Usually mid-day you can find Camile sipping on a bowl of soup, one of life’s simple pleasures.


Is our full-time manager and baker. She is also our part-time jack of all trades. Some days you might find her cooking in the kitchen, washing dishes or giving the regulars a hard time. She always finds the time though for her favourite thing to eat, the Rockabilly Burger. Alisha has a creative soul and most of our marketing and menu construction is done by her.


Is our prep cook/ on the fly fill in cook. She’s been a great addition to our team and provides 44 years of experience. She began hanging around her mom in the kitchen and since then has never left. She specializes in making perogies and amazing soups. Her favourite thing to eat off the menu is the Classic Breakfast. Fun fact Tina is Jennie’s sister in-law!


Is our head cook and has been cooking in the service industry since he was 18 years old; although he practices quite a bit at home with his family and delivers great ideas for our weekly specials. Most people don’t know but Richard can bake! Especially one mean apple pie! His favourite item on the menu is Blooming Onion.


Is our longest running staff member, working through the ranks of milkshake girl to dishwasher and now waitress. She was a born waitress due to her great multitasking skills. Which doesn’t come as a surprise that she can recite 62 numbers of Pi. Shelby is extremely hard working and reliable and if Jennie were to pay her in Pulled Pork sandwiches and brownies, she still wouldn’t skip a beat.


is our mid-shift cook. He is extremely reliable and never shy’s away from helping the team out. With many years of experience under his belt, Dennis loves being in the kitchen. Which is a good thing because he would probably eat up the entire bakery if he had the chance! Dennis recommends the date squares.




is our speedy dishwasher, she is always on the go! Being quick on her feet comes with practice from playing basketball, volleyball, badminton and track & field. After all that running around Shyelle doesn’t mind cooling off with a milkshake.



is the most thorough dishwasher we’ve ever had. His dishes come out cleaner than brand new! Brandon is always, cool, calm and collected but he’ll laugh at almost any bad joke. Brandon is a cupcake fan and his favourites are the free ones.