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Ever since Jennie was fourteen years old, she had dreamt of owning her own restaurant after years of being inspired by watching her mother manage successful restaurants, her dream came true in 2012.

Jennie and her husband Camile came from Radisson Saskatchewan, a small humble town with less than 500 people. Jennie worked periodically in the local restaurant, until 1993 when she opened her own catering company. She catered functions until 1998, in their local town plus a few in Saskatoon. The events she provided for were anywhere from 25 to 200 people. Furthermore since 1990, Jennie had been doing custom cakes from her home and she continued that passion even after they moved to Bonnyville, Alberta in 1997. Camile had retired from the oil field in 2012 and sold 90% of their trucking company, which they had established in 1998.

This was Jennie’s window of opportunity. Together they decided to open the Diner. She lead the design planning and hiring of all the construction crew. Jennie and Camile were very hands on during the construction as well. This has allowed her to appreciate the whole experience of running a successful restaurant so much more.

It has always been important to Jennie that most dishes in on her menu were made in-house, probably due to her catering background and because of this, the staff have the knowledge to accommodate many dietary requests. In the last year Jennie has learned new way of eating due to dietary restrictions. She understands the difficulty of eating out and wants to ensure she can give everyone an enjoyable experience and not just the option of a salad.
Poloroid of Senior Men Having Lunch at Jennies Diner

“For some, Jennie’s Diner is a fun new experience. For others, it’s a trip back to the good ol’ days with some life-long friends.”

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